There are many people who are underserved by the financial planning community. Many people have to search Google or Youtube and hope the information they are receiving is correct but it also may not be tailored to their specific needs. Money is a bigger stressor for a lot of Americans and more employers are wanting to provide financial education to their staff to help lower employee turnover and increase worker productivity. 


This is why we built our financial wellness program. Our program is geared towards small businesses and churches who want to empower their employees/staff to be more financial savvy. With the program we provide participants access to our online financial literacy platform financial health monitoring app. We provide a systematized way to market and communicate the rollout to staff and conduct on-site or virtual webinars to further enhance the staff's education about specific financial topics. It is a very affordable way to help change the financial lives of many of your most valued people.


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*This program is purely educational and does not provide specific financial, legal or tax advice