Question #5: Do You Require a Specific Minimum Investment?

We do not have a specific investment minimum however we only manage assets for new clients that are under the builder or collaborator package.

Our fees are:

Starter: $550 a year or $50 a month

Builder: $1200 per year single or $1800 per year Married. Paid monthly, quarterly or annually.

Collaborator: Our minimum client fee is $4800 annually. We offer an advice only(no investment management fee; $400-$700 that can be tax deductible to your business), asset management(schedule below) or a combination. The fees can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually. The combination would include a subscription plus an asset management fee. The agreed upon client fee can be reduced by the asset management fee collected quarterly from their investments. The remaining fee, that is paid directly, is reassessed annually.

For example a $200K account we would charge a $2K annual fee. The minimum fee paid via credit card or ACH would be $2800 annually.

The fee schedule for asset management is below.

Blended Investment Annual Fee

$0 - $1 mil: 1%
$1 mil - $2 mil: .80%
$2 mil+: .60%