Cash Flow


Cash Flow is the lifeblood of your plan. How you allocate what comes in and what goes out is the best indicator of your future success. There are many ways to “budget” or develop a spending plan so the specifics can vary depending on your preference. The first step any one wants to take is to figure out how much you are currently spending. Here are the steps for our clients:


Your Job

  • Fill out budget sheet via online form
  • Determine amount you want to be spending towards your personal interest: hobbies, travel, family interest
  • Update your financial scorecard and us as things change


Our Job

  • Review your spending and understand your priorities
  • Provide guidance on areas of improvement, help you build healthy habits and plan for unexpected expenses
  • Transfer your information to our internal software
  • Track your progress over Time
  • Tools We Utilize
    • Elements App,, Rightcapital, Jotform


Free Resources

Budget Sheet

Helpful Tips