Investment Planning


Investing is a broad word but it primarily relates to how you utilize your time and resources. Ideally they will be used to fast track you to living your best life. Whether you invest in stocks, real estate, private businesses or your education it’s important to plan out your current performance and the anticipated future results. 


Your Job

  • Determine the expectations for your investments and where you might want to invest in the future
  • Send over account statements
  • Update your financial scorecard and us as things change


Our Job

  • Understand your objectives and understanding of your investments
  • Transfer your information to our internal software
  • Assist in developing an investment strategy that aligns your investments with your objectives
  • Help determine proper expectations and possible avenues to increase overall investment performance over time
    • Fee reduction, asset allocation, asset location, tax efficient investment planning, alternative assets, debt interest reduction, business and real estate profitability metrics 
  • Track your fees, performance and progress over Time
  • Tools We Utilize
    • Elements App, Portfoliovisualizer, Rightcapital, Zacks, Biggerpockets, Excel,


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Asset allocation and diversification do not ensure a profit or protect against loss in declining markets.