Estate Planning


If you wish to leave behind a meaningful legacy, be it for loved ones or a charitable institution, you need to put a well-thought-out estate plan in place. Without an established plan, the fate of your estate could be determined by the government, lawyers, or people that don’t have your interests and best wishes in mind.

Having an estate plan is paramount in ensuring your estate is handled according to your wishes. Together with your estate planning attorney, we can assist in drafting documents and reviewing your situation so your estate benefits the people and charities you care about most.

Your Job:

  • Communicate and document your wishes
  • Complete online questionnaires
  • Send over current estate documents for review

Our Job

  • Understand your wishes and make sure they are communicated properly in your estate documents and to loved ones
  • Advise on the best tax efficient transfer of wealth
  • Make sure beneficiaries are updated and track the monetary value you are leaving to each person
  • Assist with completion of following:
    • Will
    • POA(financial and medical)
    • Trust
    • Medical Directives
  • Provide you with a platform to complete all your documents See Example
  • Tools we utilize
    • Elements App,, Rightcapital,


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Our firm does not provide legal advice or services. Please consult your legal advisor or an estate planning attorney regarding your specific situation.