Debt Management


Debt can be a key to assist you in building your wealth or the thorn that prevents you from getting to your goals. It is important to manage how much debt you take on with the idea that when you take on debt you are preventing a portion of your future earnings from being used on other items.  Once again you want to start with how much debt you have, how much you are paying and how much it is costing you. 


Your Job

  • Fill out debt totals and payments
  • Send over account statements
  • Update your financial scorecard and us as things change


Our Job

  • Understand your feelings regarding debt
  • Transfer your information to our internal software
  • Assist in developing debt payback schedule and student loan repayment option
  • Help determine best debt to utilize to grow your business or real estate portfolio
  • Track your progress over Time
  • Tools We Utilize
    • Elements App,, Rightcapital, Jotform, Excel, Pay4Ed


Free Resources

Debt Snowball Calculator

Debt Payoff Timeline

Helpful Tips